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Vintage Deckchair Canvas

Vintage Deckchair Canvas
Deck Chair Fabrics ~ Vintage Archive Deckchair Canvas
Vintage Archive Stripe Material For Deckchairs and Directors Chairs.
Whilst restoring vintage deckchairs, we have retained and faithfully copied some of the prettier striped covers - the Retro look will appeal to those who want a fifties feel to their deckchair or directors chair covers instead of more modern interpretations, but with brand new canvas.
Important: Please read the FAQs about our 100% cotton fabrics

Ordering instructions

You will need approx 1.5 metres deckchair canvas to recover a standard Deckchair / Directors Chair or 3 metres for 2 chairs

Vintage Deckchair Canvas

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We no longer have vintage deckchairs to buy and hire. We purchased all the Deck Chairs from Blackpool where they no longer hired them out to holidaymakers. However our vintage deckchair canvas fabrics really enhance the look any deckchair to give you look of the real vintage deckchairs, capturing the era of days gone by.

Our Vintage deckchair canvas fabrics are also perfect for recovering directors chairs too

See our Step by Step Guide on How to Recover a Directors chair

Please bear in mind that all our deckchair fabrics including these vintage ones are 100% cotton with no synthetics, which means that they are not strictly outdoor fabric. Modern dyes are used today which lack the toxic colour fasteners used in the past so they will fade quicker if left out in strong sunlight and adverse weather conditions.

In the heyday of the deckchair (1900 - 1950's) with no synthetic fabrics available, covers were replaced annually. We opted for cotton deckchair covers because they are more comfortable and easier to replace.
  In staying true to the original concept, we think that to protect your deckchairs in inclement weather is a small price to pay for a beautiful product

Some of our Vintage Stripes have been used on deckchairs in the Downton Abbey series 4 Finale and Christmas Special - Kickball.

Give your Deckchair or Directors Chair a new lease of life

Add a matching Deckchair Headrest

100% yarn dyed cotton

45cms wide unless otherwise stated in product description.
Multiples of one colour come as a complete length

See our Step by Step Guide on How to Recover a Deckchair
and do not forget to purchase your Upholstery Nails, to attach your fabric.

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Important: Please read the FAQs about our 100% cotton fabrics

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